Our Team – experts in their field

As a close-knit working family, we share the same passion and drive to ensure that each and every one of our customers experience the exacting service standards we’ve become renowned for.

We are proud to be a safe pair of hands for our customers, offering excellent customer service and quality. This is important, but we are more than that, we are a creative and agile team with a deep technical knowledge of what it takes to design, develop and deliver the perfect packaging for our customers products.


Would you like to join our friendly & successful team? We are currently seeking the right individuals to fill the following vacancies.

The Terinex Flexibles Team
The Terinex Flexibles Team

Whatever you need from your flexible packaging we can provide it

We have been supplying printed films for 20 years. Our food, medical and pet-food packaging customers trust our high-quality, vibrant print will stand-out and make an impact on-shelf.

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