Barrier films in modern packaging solutions

Films that reduce the permeability of gases and moisture such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour are collectively known as barrier films. To create flexible packaging with barrier properties the film is usually coated or made from multiple layers of laminated film.

The benefits of barrier films in packaging

There are a number of reasons why you might need to use film with barrier properties. One of the main reasons is to improve shelf-life by retaining the balance of gas and moisture within the packaging to prevent your product from becoming stale and to protect it from microorganisms that could cause decay. Barrier films can also reduce the transmission of light and odours and cross-contamination of flavours.
Barrier films can also protect products from changes in temperature and physically strengthen packaging with puncture and impact resistant options.
Moisture resistant barrier film

Moisture resistant

Puncture resistant barrier film

Puncture resistant

Temperature resistant barrier film

Temperature resistant

Gas resistant barrier film

Gas resistant

Impact resistant barrier film

Impact resistant

Transfer prevention barrier film

Transfer prevention

Resealable barrier film


Breathable barrier film


Barrier properties that improve shelf-life for food packaging

Which barrier property is most important?

The type of food being packaged will determine which barrier property is most important for your product. Barrier properties that improve shelf-life, for example, are most suited to products such as premium biscuits and cakes that may be more costly to manufacture and are likely to remain on shelves for a few weeks.

Barrier properties that prevent migration of oils or transmission of odours are suited to products such as cheese, fish, coffee and pet food, that are oily or have strong aromas.

If you are gas-flushing your product, you will need a good barrier property film to stop gas leaking out over time.

Versatile protection: exploring the diverse applications of barrier films

Barrier films are suited to a wide range of packaging applications for food, pet food and medical packaging.



Barrier films for Flow-Wrap Horizontal Form Fill (HFFS)


Designing for flexible food packaging


Barrier films to maintain freshness and improve shelf-life

Types of barrier films

EVOH PE is a high-performance film that acts as an excellent barrier to oxygen, aromas and oils.

We have a range of PET films that provide a barrier to cross contamination and transmission of gas, moisture and aromas.

High barrier options to prevent the migration and transmission of oils, moisture, light, aromas, oxygen and other gases.

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Preserving perfection: the role of barrier films in sustainable packaging solutions

By using barrier films you are already contributing to being more sustainable as packaging products in materials with poor barrier properties can impair shelf-life leading to an increase in food waste and the need for more frequent deliveries. However, there are also more sustainable barrier films and coated papers that you may choose to use.

  • Compostable film
  • Recyclable film
  • PCR (post-consumer recycled) film
  • Coated paper
  • Coated monoplastics

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