We have a range of high-quality films and papers for use in food, medical and pet food applications. All of the materials we use have added value properties such as high barrier qualities, high strength and puncture resistance, heat resistance, high clarity and are peelable and resealable. Most of the materials are also recyclable and compostable.

Sustainable Flexible Packaging Film


We have a wide variety of OPP films ranging in thickness from 15 to 53 microns including high barrier film, recyclable film and films made from recycled content. Main applications include a wide variety of food packaging due to its strength, high clarity, sealability and superior barrier properties for preventing transfer of moisture, gases, oils and aromas. Our OPP film, with metallised options, is suitable for VFFS and HFFS and is ideal for lamination.
Ovenable films


Our PET range of films is Ideal for microwaveable and ovenable applications and comes in mono and laminate formats for use in flow wrap or lidding applications. The film can be hot needle perforated and is particularly suited for applications where high barrier properties are required. Our wide range of weld seal and peelable films is suitable for APet, Cpet, PP, PE, cardboard and pulp lined trays. Available in clear, white, matt and metallised options.
Mono and laminate PE films for VFFS, HFFS, bags, pouches and lidding applications


We have mono and laminate PE films for VFFS, HFFS, bags, pouches and lidding applications including peelable and resealable options. Our PE films seal to APET, CPET, RPET and PE lined trays. Thicknesses range from 20 to 200 microns and the films are available in clear, matt, white and a wide range of other colours. All of our PE films (LLDPE, BOPE, MDOPE, EVOH) are OPRL classified recyclable.


Our OPRL recyclable CPP films offer high impact strength, puncture resistance and excellent seal integrity. Resistant to extremes in temperature, they are ideal for hot fill and sterilization, lidding film applications and frozen foods as well as a range of other applications. For use with VFFS and HFFS and with metallised options for aesthetic appeal.
Paper strip laminates for premium product packaging


We have a variety of food and medical grade flexible packaging papers ranging in weight from 23 to 60 gsm including MG bleached kraft paper, highly polished supercalendered paper and clay coated paper for superior print quality.  

At Terinex, we are passionate about sustainable packaging

We focus on new technologies with the support and partnership of our supply chain to be able to offer advice and produce flexible packaging that is sustainable and fit for purpose whilst maintaining quality of the highest standard.

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