Printed films

We have been supplying printed films for 20 years. Our food, medical and pet-food packaging customers trust our high-quality, vibrant print will stand-out and make an impact on-shelf.

Barrier films to maintain freshness and improve shelf-life

Barrier film

With such a wide range of mono layer and laminate films you can be sure that we will have a barrier film solution suited to your needs. Our films prevent transfer of moisture, oils, aromas and gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, extending shelf-life and keeping products fresh, sterile and hygienic.


We produce strong, flexible, high-definition printed laminates that can be supplied in OPP, PET, LDPE, BOPE, MDOPE, foils and paper layers to create eye-catching packaging. Most/many of our laminates are OPRL certified recyclable.

Ovenable films

Ovenable film

Our Q TEX heat resistant ovenable packaging and microwaveable films have excellent thermal stability and high seal strength. Q Tex film and inks are independently certified and compliant to EU 10/2011, EC No. 1935/2004 and SR 817.023.21 for ovenable applications with optional hot needle perforation

Designing for flexible food packaging

Lidding film

Our high-performance easy open and resealable lidding films help bring convenience to consumers’ fingertips whilst maintaining product freshness and quality for longer. We have a wide range of lidding films for use with APET, CPET, PP, PE, cardboard and pulp lined trays.

Bags & Pouches

We produce films for converting into bags and pouches for products such as liquid foods, pet foods, dried fruit, snacks, cereals and confectionery. Bags and pouches are ideal for impactful printed promotions and cost-effective packaging solutions.

Resealable film

We have many different options including reseal lidding and films for pouches and bags ideal for food applications such as snack packs, nuts and dried fruit as well as resealable films for bakery, meat and dairy products.

At Terinex, we are passionate about sustainable packaging

We focus on new technologies with the support and partnership of our supply chain to be able to offer advice and produce flexible packaging that is sustainable and fit for purpose whilst maintaining quality of the highest standard.

Let us help you design and manufacture your flexible packaging solutions

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