Types of Films & Papers

Flexible packaging provides more than a branding opportunity. Each layer of film and paper has a protective function and acts as a barrier that prevents contamination or extends freshness. Multi-layer flexible packaging also provides extra protection against puncturing or tearing.


We have a wide range of OPP and CPP films from standard to high barrier and Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content in mono and laminate formats. Options include clear, matte, white and metallised films.

OPP - standard


OPP – Acrylic Coated

OPP – Alox coated

OPP - Metallised


CPP - Metallised

Polyester (PET) films

We have a selection of PET films in mono and laminate formats for use in flow wrap, ovenable or lidding applications, particularly where high barrier properties are required. Ideal for bags, pouches and lidding applications that run on VFFS and HFFS.

PET heat seal/ovenable

PET Alox (as part of a laminate structure)

PET lidding (weld seal and pealable options)

PET acrylic coated

PE films

Our PE films are OPRL recyclable and come in a range of thicknesses and colours. Ideal for VFFS and HFFS applications, peelable and resealable options and a Metallocene PE for stiffness and puncture resistance.




Compostable and Post Consumer Recyclable films

We have films that are certified as compostable for both industrial and home composting environments. They are also suitable for anaerobic digestion and are exempt from the plastic tax.

Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) OPP

Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET

NatureflexTM Compostable Film


All of our papers are recyclable and are suitable for bags, pouches and flow wrap applications. They can be used as a mono layer or part of a laminate structure.

Compostable Paper Packaging

Heat seal coated lacquered paper/PE lined

Compostable Paper Packaging

MG Bleach Kraft paper

Compostable Paper Packaging

Super Calendared

Compostable Paper Packaging

Clay Coated Paper

Additional features of our flexible packaging films and paper

Need more help?

This is a selection of the types of films and papers we offer. We can of course supply further options to suit your specifications. Contact our team to find out more.

At Terinex, we are passionate about sustainable packaging

We focus on new technologies with the support and partnership of our supply chain to be able to offer advice and produce flexible packaging that is sustainable and fit for purpose whilst maintaining quality of the highest standard.

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