How to Pick the Right Flexible Packaging Films for Dairy Products

How to pick the right flexible packaging films for dairy products

The flexible packaging films used for dairy products are crucial to preserving freshness, extending shelf life, and ensuring safety. These films can protect products from external factors such as moisture, light, oxygen, and microbial contamination. In addition, they offer convenience to consumers through easy-to-use features such as resealability and portability.

When choosing flexible packaging films for dairy products, several key factors should be considered:

    1. Barrier properties: Exposure to moisture, oxygen and grease will affect the quality of your dairy products. Look for films with excellent barrier properties that can prevent ingress of oxygen and moisture.
    2. Seal integrity: A strong and reliable seal is essential to maintain the freshness and prevent leakage of the product during transportation and storage.
    3. Light protection: There is a possibility that certain dairy products can be degraded as a result of light exposure. Choose packaging films that offer adequate protection against UV and visible light.
    4. Printability: Ensure that your flexible packaging has high quality print with rub, scuff and scratch resistant films/inks. Your brand should look great on shelf without the risk of losing image quality or important product information.
    5. Sustainability: Packaging options that are environmentally friendly, such as recyclable or biodegradable films, are becoming increasingly important to consumers concerned about the impact their purchase has on the environment.
    6. Type of application: For consumer convenience and to keep your products fresh choose resealable options for sliced or grated cheese. Puncture resistant films are ideal for liquid products such as yoghurt and smoothie pouches or soft cheeses such mozzarella and feta.
    7. Packaging process: Strong flexible films are required for high-speed VFFS and HFFS production lines.

Packaging Perfection: Best flexible packaging films for dairy goods

Best Flexible Packaging Films for Dairy Goods

There are a range of flexible films that can be used for packaging dairy products, including:

    1. Acrylic coated Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) film: Most commonly used for bags and pouches, these films have excellent barrier properties, protecting against moisture, oils, gases and aromas, perfect for bagging a variety of cheeses, in sliced and grated form. OPP is puncture and impact resistant to protect the contents inside during transportation and distribution, which is important for liquified dairy products like yoghurts or smoothies when packaged in pouches.
    1. Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol Polyethylene (EVOH PE) film: This is another film that is ideal for cheese due to its high barrier to oils and aromas. It can be used for peelable and resealable applications such as individually wrapped slices of burger cheese and other dairy applications such as lidding for yoghurt and dairy pots. An added benefit of PE laminate films is that they are classed as recyclable, reducing the environmental impact of the product as a whole.
    1. Polyester (PET) lidding film: Used in flow wrap or lidding applications where high barriers are required, PET lidding film is suitable for most APet, CPet and RPet lined trays. Used as a mono film or with other structures depending on the product and application. Its peelable quality ensures easy opening whilst maintaining a high seal strength. PET also has a good gas barrier which is suited to cheese, yoghurts and other dairy products.

If you’re looking to preserve the quality of your product and bring it to life with eye-catching designs, we can help, get in touch today for advice on our flexible packaging solutions for dairy products.

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