Baked goods and the benefits of flexible packaging

Packaging baked goods – it’s a wrap!

Those in the know, appreciate that flexible packaging is more than a wrap for your favourite baked snack. It is in fact the technical whizz-kid of the packaging world that effortlessly responds to the needs of multiple stakeholders and changing consumer trends. According to the Global Baked Goods Packaging Market Report, demand for baked goods packaging is set to grow by 2.9% a year over the next few years. This increase is expected to be driven by portion control and single serve options, increased sales of frozen baked goods, greater use of value-added packaging and new product development in the bakery sector

Baked goods and the benefits of flexible packaging

Baked goods come in all shapes, sizes and types. Two of the main reasons flexible film is the perfect packaging is because it is so versatile and technically advanced with options to suit whatever properties you need to protect and show off your products.

By using single and multi-layer materials and laminates it is possible to create barrier films that prevent transfer of moisture, gases and aromas that will taint or spoil your baked goods. Your choice of food packaging material will be determined by the need to get the right balance of moisture retention or loss to ensure the baked goods reach the consumer in top condition.

Let’s look at which flexible packaging films are the best ones to use for bakery food packaging.

Bakery Product Flexible Packaging Films Benefits
Biscuits, cookies and waffles OPP films such as OPP, OPP EVOH, OPP acrylic coated, OPP alox coated, OPP metallised and post-consumer recycled (PCR) OPP
  • Keep biscuits and cookies crisp and fresh for longer
Paper strip laminates
  • Enable consumers to see what they are buying through a transparent or clouded window
  • Offer a perfect opportunity to entice a passing shopper
Laminate films with transparent and metallized layers
  • Protection against transfer of moisture, oxygen and sunlight
  • Ideal packaging film for cookies and waffles
Bread Paper strip laminates
  • Provide a premium look and feel
  • Offer a natural look and feel without compromising on technical excellence
  • Ideal food packaging material for artisan bread
Hot needle perforated films that have micro perforations
  • Provide moisture control to keep bread crisp on the outside and doughy and soft on the inside
  • Allow goods to be packed hot, guaranteeing a crispy crust
High density films
  • Ensure the delicious baking aroma doesn’t escape during packing and storage
Cakes OPP and PE based films
  • Offer good waterproof properties that retain moisture and extend shelf-life to keep the cake fresh and soft
Hot baked pasties and pies PET range of films with hot needle perforation
  • Allow food on the go to be packaged hot whilst guaranteeing a crispy crust
Laminated films
  • No transfer of oil and grease
Frozen baked items MDOPE, CPP metallised, EVOH PE, BOPE and PCR PET
  • Offer strong packaging that can withstand wear and tear
  • Provides resistance to high temperatures for sterilisation which reduces the need for preservatives
  • Excellent print quality that will make images and text stand out

The choice of the composite layers that go into making the perfect film for protecting your baked products is dependent on many factors. These include the properties of the baked product, how it is stored, how long it can be stored for before it should be consumed and the packaging converting and manufacturing process it will need to endure. We have a range of compostable films and inks and most of our films are OPRL certified for recyclability.

If you are looking for the perfect flexible packaging film for your next project, give our team a call. We are here to help you – Get in touch!

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