The benefits of hot-needle perforation for ovenable films

The benefits of hot-needle perforation

Discover the fascinating world of hot-needle perforation and how it can revolutionise the packaging of savoury pastries and meat snacks.

Explore how precision holes in packaging films strike the perfect balance between freshness, shelf life and product appeal, ensuring your favourite snacks stay delicious and crisp!

Why barrier properties are critical

Learn about the crucial role barrier properties play in preserving the quality and shelf life of food products.

This insightful read explores the impact of packaging choices on product freshness and offers insight into selecting the right solutions to meet your specific needs.

Why barrier properties are critical to food product quality

Whatever you need from your flexible packaging we can provide it

We have been supplying printed films for 20 years. Our food, medical and pet-food packaging customers trust our high-quality, vibrant print will stand-out and make an impact on-shelf.

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