Print finishing

We offer a range of print finishing services that add value to your packaging, protect and preserve your products and improve your productivity. Perforation for consumer convenience and a longer shelf-life. Lamination for improving barrier properties, strength, stiffness and aesthetic appeal. And slitting to suit your packaging processes.    
Hole punch and hot needle perforation


We offer hole punch and hot needle perforation for keeping packaged products fresh and letting steam out during cooking in a conventional oven or microwave. Perforation is available for both printed and plain film.

Precision slitters for flexible food packaging


We have a dedicated team of precision slitters who have a wealth of experience and are highly skilled at minimising waste.

Specialist Comexi technology for laminating flexible film


We use specialist Comexi technology for laminating to create a perfect finished product that has particular properties and qualities. These could include barrier properties, additional strength, recyclability, puncture resistance, stiffness and aesthetic appeal.

We also offer paper strip lamination for premium product packaging where a luxury look and feel is important.

Whatever you need from your flexible packaging we can provide it

We have been supplying printed films for 20 years. Our food, medical and pet-food packaging customers trust our high-quality, vibrant print will stand-out and make an impact on-shelf.

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